• Brook Forest Elementary School is celebrating Bubble Gum Day. The proceeds will go to LitWorld.
  • Ask Student Council to sponsor a book drive.

  • March 5-9: Share a literacy fact during the morning announcements.

  • Involve a local bookshop

  • Advertise around the school

  • Student-produced video publicizing event and activities
  • I suggested, and my students expanded and developed, the idea of WRAD as school and community service. We'll be holding a Readathon to raise money on Feb. 22. With that money, we'll be purchasing the books we plan to read aloud in our primary school classrooms, and then gifting those books to their school library. Additionally, any extra money raised will be donated to a local adult literacy charity.

Lincoln Community School, Accra (Ghana):
  • Read-alouds throughout the day via Skype with classes in the library
  • Special assembly in our Multipurpose Hall with six read-aloud stations (one for each continent). One adult per station will read a story originating from that continent. Students will rotate with their class (a lower elementary class combined with an upper elementary class). 10min per station, each class will visit three stations since we have 40min in total for the assembly.
  • Book drive: we have invited two book vendors for March 7 & 8. Students will be able to buy books, either for themselves and/or as a donation for the Little Free Libraries in Ghana. March 6 is also Ghana's Independence Day so we are combining the two events.