1-POLL: 9:05-9:20: Sarah Albee, author of Poop Happened!
1-POLL: 9:20-9:35: Travis Jonker

1-POLL: 9:45-10:00: -
--Two first graders will read to Macdonald's 5th graders.

2-M: 10:00-10:15 -
Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich and Shannon Miller

2-M: 10:15-10:30: Connect with Jennifer Reed

5-W: 10:35-10:50: Jody Feldman , author of The Seventh Level
5-W: 10:50-11:05 - C. Alexander London, author of We Are Not Eaten By Yaks
3-J: 11:05 - 11:45
-11:10-11:25 Connect with Alyson Beecher and Mary Ann S.
-11:30-11:43: Donna Kouri (3rd Grade)
1-E: 12:40-12:55 -Linda Urban

1-PELL and 2-G: 2:45-3:00:
2:45-3:00: Possibly Jennifer Malphy and/or Crystal
3:00-3:15: OPEN (want to do end of the day celebration? :)
I have fourth grade willing and excited about working w you 2:45-3 or 3:10 Crystal

Our 3rd grade can Skype from 11:30 - 11:43. Should we do two part poetry? Maybe Mirror or Messing Around on the Monkey Bars? Or did you have something in mind already?
Macdonald's 5th graders will read either Penny and Her Song by Henkes or Lorax pop-up book. Sound ok?

WRAD CONNECT 2012 Schedule

This is central time. The east coast is one hour ahead.

All of Van Meter’s connections will take place in the secondary library. We will have tables moved back so everyone can fit for this special day. :)

8:30-8:55am- Brandi and Mark from SXSW in Austin, Texas with Christa McClintock’s kindergarteners in her classroom

9:00-9:15am- Kim Purcell (Trafficked) connect with Shawn Hyer’s 7th Graders

9:15-9:25am-Georgine Cooper from Elaine’s group with Shawn’s 7th Graders too

9:30-9:50am- Erica Perl Skype with K/1st (Deb, Tracy, Mindy)

10:00-10:15- Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich (Eighth Grade Super-Zero) with John Schu and Elaine Merical’s 5th graders

10:20-10:35- Donna Gephart (Olivia Bean, Trivia Queen) 5th grade

10:35-10:50 Elaine reading Math Curse to the 5th grade

10:50-11:05 - C. Alexander London, author of (We Are Not Eaten By Yaks) with John and 5th grade

11:10-11:30-Jessica Santos interview with Charlie and David (NCHS)
11:10-11:30-Van Meter might have a guest reader in 3rd grade....more to come :)

11:30-11:45-Connect Riley Carney @rileycarney with my advisory group (have Hailey introduce her)

11:45-12:00pm James Kennedy (The Order of Odd Fish) with my advisory group

12:00-12:15pm-Rebecca Miller, School Library Journal, will read to Deb Saylor’s 1st Graders (Leonardo the Terrible Monster)

12:20-12:40-Peter Reynolds (The Dot) from school in Boston he will be visiting. John Schu and Jennifer Reed will be joining us as well. The K-2nd graders will be connecting. (Lynne, Christa, Deb, Mindy, Tracy)
12:30-1:00pm....Connect with Michelle’s kids in Story Time at Public Library with Lynne’s class

1:00-1:20pm...Connect with Jennifer at Kickapoo with Tracy Ferguson’s 2nd Graders VM...reading books that she has picked out (We might have a guest reader during this one. :)

1:20-1:40pm Elaine will be reading to Tracy’s 2nd graders

2:00...Robert Forbes, poet with Jenny Stephen’s 4th grade

2:15-2:30pm-Elaine’s group with Jenny’s 4th grade

2:30-2:45- Elaine’s group with Janelle Thompson’s 5th grade

2:45-3:00pm-Torrey Maldonado (Secret Saturdays ) with 5th grade

3:00-3:15pm- Connect with Tracey from Mackin....Book talking Titanic books with 5th grade

5:00pm- Somewhat Virtual Book Club
Shannon, could we possibly connect between 1:00 - 1:30? I have 1st graders at that time. Jen

I'd love to connect during that 9:45 time as well!

Twitter @shannonmmiller

Longwood School
I would love to connect throughout the day with different schools and authors. I work with students K-5 so have a lot of flexibility to connect.
Can you connect 9:45-10:00? Possibly a group session with dsMcdonald.

Do we want to see if we can find a time for our two schools to connect that week? - Sarah W.

Twitter: akgal68

Kickapoo Elementary School
I would love to be able to connect with schools throughout the day or the week as I have elementary classes in the afternoons every single day. I'm very excited to be participating in this project!
12:08 - 12:50 CST ~ I have 4th graders and we are Skyping with Diane Cordell from 12:30 - 12:50 but I could Skype with another group from 12:15 - 12:30.
1:00 - 1:42 CST ~ I have 1st graders (my kids :)
Jennifer -- Can you connect 2:40-3:10 CST? Possibly a group Skype with Crystal (librarygrl2) -John Schu ~ I don't have a class at that time, but I can look into getting one in here at that time or I could just read, too. Jen

Hi Jen...I just wrote our 1st grade teacher to see if 1:00pm would work with your 1st graders. :)

Twitter: @jmalphy

Orchard Elementary School
I am a school librarian who would love to connect classes with other schools throughout the day. I have already scheduled a couple Skype visits with authors. I'm excited about the opportunity to connect students with other students.
8:45- 9:00 Mr. Schu's 1st graders
11:15-11:30 Kate Messner
Abby Klein, the author of the "Ready, Freddy" books is a kindergarten teacher at my school.
Would anyone like to read with her between 1:40 and 2:20? Her students are in the library with me then.
Anytime - Eastern Time Zone
Are you available 9:45-10:00 CST? Possibly a group session with AkGal68.
We'll be visiting with Mr. Schu's class then. (8:45 EST) Another choice?

Skype - OrchardVT
Twitter: dsmacdonald

Northern Hills Elementary School
I am a school librarian. I have PK & 1-5 classes. All times CST
5th - 10:05-10:35 - visiting w Alan Silberberg (Milo Sticky Notes & Brain Freeze)
1st - 1-1:30 (still open)
1st 1:40-2 Linda Urban
Pre-K & 2-4 would be flexible
Superintendent to read sometime between 1:30 & 3
3Gr 2-2:15 w Colby Sharp's 4th gr
2:45-3:10 Skype with John Schu 4th Grade (maybe Jen too)
Our school day is 8:30-3:10 CST
Crystal --Can you connect 2:40-3:10 CST? Possibly a group Skype with Jennifer Malpy -John Schu

twitter: librarygrl2

Chamberlin School
This is our first day back from winter recess. Is it possible to Skype with some of you on Thursday, March 8? I have a day of classes that we can skype with. Jennifer, we can Skype if you would like and talk about what we will do?
Anytime during the day
8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. est
Cally, If you'd like to Skype on Thursday, March 8th in the afternoon, I have three classes. Two 3rd grade and one 2nd grade.

twitter: cflickinger

Ten Mile Creek Elementary
My fifth grade class has several readings planned for March 7, but we would love to maybe do a Skype with any grade level, anywhere. We would especially like something where both classes both read and are read to.
My day is all full! Have fun everyone!
Twitter: @MrShafferTMCE

Rock Springs Elementary, Lawrenceville, GA
School Librarian- Kathy Schmidt
2nd grade 9:45-10:30 am (est)
2nd grade 11:35-12:15pm (est)
could maybe get other grades interested in doing an afternoon slot or 9-9:45am (est)
We dismiss at 2:40pm (est)
Kathy, I talked to one of my 2nd grade classes and they're letting me take them at 8:45 - 9:30 CST, so lets plan something fun for them! Jen

because Skype is blocked at my school I need to use a "cloud" type service called BlueJeans, this means you use Skype, I use polycom and we connect online using blujeans - it is REALLY simple, I give you the web address and a meeting code and you connect using your Skype via this website.
twitter: @kathyfs24

Minges Brook Elementary
Minges Brook Elementary
Battle Creek, MI
We would love to Skype between 2:30-3:30 EST

Colby, if you are still looking I might have a first grade class you could connect with at 2:30 your time for about 15 minutes. - Sarah W.

I have a 4th grade from 1:40-2:10 and another 4th grade from 2:30-3:00 if you want to connect. Cathy P.- Falmouth, ME

Biddeford Intermediate School
Biddeford, ME (EST)
8:20-8:40 a.m.
Alan Silberberg, author of Milo: Sticky Notes & Brain Freeze
Skype with Mrs. Lupardo's K
Skype with Mr. Halpern's K
Student Read alouds @BPS
Student Read alouds @BPS
Mark Jeffery, Author of Max Quick: The Pocket & the Pendent
Possible Skype with Crystal
I have 1st grade available from 2-2:20. Crystal

Crystal~My 5th graders can read to your 1st grade between 2-2:20. We have some picture books read alouds ready to go.

Skype: LiteracyDocent
Twitter @literacydocent

Cooper Elementary School
I'm in the library part time and a tech enrichment aide part time. I'd be willing to connect throughout the week either when my classes meet or during checkout time. I may also have smaller groups of students (my enrichment kids) available at different times. Students may be available between 8:30 am and 3:00 pm.
Monday March 5:
4th Grade class could be available any time between 10:05 and 10:30.
3rd Grade class could be available any time between 11:05 and 11:30

Tuesday March 6:
1st grade enrichment group 10:05 and 10:30
4th Grade class 10:40 and 11:00 - connecting with Cathy's class.
3rd Grade class could be available any time between 11:05 and 11:30.

Wednesday March 7:
10:05 and 10:30
1st grade enrichment group connecting with Crystal's 5th Grade
Kate Messner
Kate Messner
1:35 - 1:50 - Possibly OPEN with 1st grade during checkout
2:05 - 2:30
Dianne De Las Casas
2nd Grade/Montessori enrichment kids
Thursday March 8:
1st grade enrichment group could be available between 10:05 and 10:30
3rd Grade enrichment could be available between 10:35 and 11:00
4th Grade enrichment could be available between 11:05 and 11:30
Montessori class between 1:05 PM and 1:30 PM - reading with Crystal's PK.
I have a 5th gr. class on Thurs that could read to your 1st kiddos in 10:05-10:30 spot. Crystal
I have a PK class on Thur. at 1:05 that could be read to by Montessori or we could work on something to read to you. Crystal

Skype: pageintraining
Twitter: @pageintraining

Pine Glen Library & Technology Center
We are very excited to participate in WRAD for the first time.
I'm open to any kind of connection.
All times are EST

Tuesday, March 6
Grade 1

Wednesday, March 7
Grade 2

Connect with Cathy Potter and 4th Grade

Grade 4
Connect with Cathy Potter and K

Grade 4

Grade 5
Connect w/ Lakeview Elementary 4th grade
Kathy Kaldenberg and Mrs. Johnson's class

Grade 3

Grade 1
Connect w/ Lakeview Elementary 3rd grade
Kathy Kaldenberg and Mrs. Quillin's class

School is over at 2:15
I could have a 4th grade class read aloud to your Kindergarten class from 9-9:30 on Wed. 3/7. What do you think? (Cathy Potter- Falmouth Elementary School)

Cathy, that sounds great! We could find some way to share a story with your 4th graders too. Like a story that I would read but the K's would help out with the repetitive parts (or something like that :) If you think there will be time.--Laura

Do you have any more times in the morning available? I do have another 4th grade class that wants to participate but is not listed on my schedule to the left.--Laura

That sounds great. I am flexible that morning, and I can find another class to connect with your 4th grade. Does it matter what grade? I have 4th grade classes that may be interested in connecting with your other 4th grade class. What time works for you?
I definitely have the 10:30 slot with 4th grade still open and no it doesn't matter what grade--I kind of like mixing up grades :) I will talk to my other 4th grade teacher tomorrow to see what time works for her and I'll get back to you. Do

My Kindergarten would love to connect with your 4th grade class at 9:30 on 3/7.K will share a poem. Do you want 4th grade to share a picture book? Cathy--That sounds great Cathy. We would love to share a picture book. Also my 9:00 K class will share a story/poem too with your 4th grade. Nice switch, huh?--Laura

skype: laura.delia1
twitter: ldelia

Falmouth Elementary School
I would love to connect with other classes. Our school day is 8:50-3:10 EST.
Here's my library schedule:

Monday, March 5
2:00-2:30 5th grade (Wheeler) Skype w/ C. Alexander London author of We Are Not Eaten by Yaks

Tuesday, March 6

10:40-11:00 2nd grade (Murphy)- Connect w/ Sarah's 4th grade

12:15-12:45 3rd grade (Wiberg)- Connect w/ Mary Ann's 1st grade
Third graders will read aloud a Dr. Seuss book to 1st grade.

Wednesday, March 7

9:00-9:30 EST 4th grade (Burt) reads aloud to Kindergarten at Pine Glen Library (Laura Delia)

9:30-10:00 Possible Skype connection Kindergarten class (Sinnett) w/ 4th grade at Pine Glen

11:00-11:30 EST 4th grade (Merrifield) Skype visit with Barb Rosenstock author of Fearless and The Camping Trip That Changed America

12:15-12:45 EST 3rd grade (Palmer) Skype w/ Dianne de las Casas

1:10-1:40 3rd grade
1:40-2:10 4th grade
2:20-2:50 4th grade
My Tuesday fourth grade class could connect with your Tuesday class if you don't mind 10:40 rather than 10:30 (they come to library from music and tend to be a little late) - Sarah W.

Tuesday at 10:40 sounds great.
Do you want to have your 4th graders read aloud to my 2nd graders when we connect?- Cathy

That will work!
There's a Wocket in My Pocket

Interrupting Chicken

The Camping Trip That Changed America
Skype: cathy.potter4
Twitter: cppotter

Suzhou Singapore International School (Suzhou, China)
Time Zone Converter
Time difference makes it challenging but not impossible; could also share video.

twitter: hurleyinchina
Skype: eileen.hurley

Lakeview Elementary (Solon, IA)

9 - 9:35 am 2nd grade
10:10 - 10:45 am 1st grade

twitter: scsdmedia
skype: scsdmedia

Lincoln Community School
Accra, Ghana (GMT)
I am planning to arrange read-alouds for various classes via Skype throughout the day in the library.
Unfortunately, time difference seems not to allow us to have classes meet since my time frame is GMT 8:00am-1:00pm (by the time you get to school our day is over; or with China: when we get to school your day is over).
But I would be happy to share a story from Ghana with your students (GMT 4:00pm-9:00pm).

9:00-9:30 (GMT) Skype read-aloud with Emma Homs (SEK Catalunya, Spain) and PreS/PreK students

10:00-10:30 (GMT) Skype read-aloud for 2B with Grade 3 students of Cristina Milos (Bucharest, Romania)

11:30-12:00 (GMT) Skype read-aloud for KG with first grader from Shenzhen (China)

11:40-12:20 (GMT) Read-Alouds in the Multipurpose Hall (six stations with books from six continents) for students in grades 1-5

12:45-1:15 (GMT) Special guest from Jakarta shares read-aloud with 2A and 2C students

What time does school end in Accra? I would love to connect a 1st or 5th grade class with your school. Do you have any slots between 2-3 pm GMT? That should convert to 9-10 am EST. Cathy Potter- Falmouth, ME
Hi Cathy, unfortunately, our Wednesdays are short and students leave school at 1:15pm (on the other days we end at 3:15pm). Sorry. But I would be in school from 6:30-8:30pm that day, in case a read-aloud just from me would work for you. Just let me know.

I could read one of these two books if anyone is interested:
(1) Fly, Eagle, Fly
(2) Ananse and the Moss-Covered Rock

From Head to Toe (Eric Carle)

New Day, New Friends

The Foot Book
The Belly Book (Dr. Seuss)

Is There Really a Human Race?
Book Fiesta
The Storm
Diary of a Wombat
While We Were Out

Twitter: tgaletti
Skype: tgaletti67

Sheldon Middle School (grades 5-8)
Sheldon, Iowa CST

Would like to Skype with other classes of similar grade levels, anytime during the week or after. Also interested in Skype visit from authors!
Flexible schedule
School day 8:30 - 3:20
Interested in sharing favorite titles/authors/reading experience. Could do short shared read alouds.

FMV Primary School Istanbul, Turkey
8:20 AM (Istanbul time) March 7th
3rd grade class will share stories about Spring with Suzhou Singapore International School's 3rd graders
Skype: george.duvoisin
Twitter: @GeorgeDuvoisin